Sewing with knit scraps

The material I love sewing with more than anything else in the world is knit fabric and I love doing t-shirt reconstruction thanks to the book Generation T. Book information and website here-

Before I bought the books, I had (and still have) SO MANY T-SHIRTS and I wanted to do something fun and interesting with them and thus, a new passion was born. Someday, I’ll get around to photographing t-shirt projects I’ve done from the books and some I created on my own but I’ve created a new problem- I end up with TONS of scraps. I’m the kind of crafter that hates waste and if it’s there’s a piece that’s big enough for me to think I can do something with it, I’ll hold on to it. So I love patterns and projects that use pieced together fabric and I had the thought “why don’t I try to make underwear?” They’re made from stretchy knit fabric!

Because Google knows everything, I searched underwear pattern and came upon this tutorial by Novita-

Please check out the rest her blog too!

In the entry, Novita also linked to free panty patterns. This is the one I used-

And here are the results!

Panty 01Panty 02They are hipster panties though in the back view, they look like boy shorts because of the way my dress form is shaped. I used picot edge elastic and when unstretched, I do have some puckering issues, but issues to work out the next time I make them.

I used four separate pieces for the front and back because I didn’t have any pieces that were large enough for the whole back and front section. The pattern pieces were designed to be placed on the fold so they’re halved and so I cut the halves then stitched the fabric together. I also wasn’t sure how( to keep the crotch lining piece from moving around while attaching the elastic to the leg opening so I anchored it down with a few hand stitches.

I’m happy to say, they are very comfortable and while it’s not completed sewing project you can show to just anyone (unless you’re a superhero), it’s a great feeling to make your own clothes.