Becoming a better Lolita

This week’s entry will be short. A few months ago, a long-time friend of mine sent me a picture of me in my first Lolita outfit that I wore at Sakura-Con 2005. It made me laugh so much!

My first Lolita outfit.

My first Lolita outfit.

Gosh, I look so young! I first discovered Lolita fashion in 2003. When I first left home and went to college, I got into Goth fashion. I had been into Japanese pop culture since my adolescence and there was a Japanese book store in the city I moved to. While perusing the shelves, I found a magazine called “Gothic and Lolita Bible.” I was immediately attracted to the word “Gothic” and began flipping through it. My like was forever changed! I was thinking “what are these fabulous clothes that these people are wearing?!” and thus, discovered Lolita fashion. My closet and fashion sense has never been the same.

I really wanted to dress in Lolita, but being a poor college student, I tried to put together an outfit from things I found at thrift stores and Hot Topic. And that’s where this coordinate comes from. But it’s also really great to look back and see where I started and to see where I am nowadays.

Taken by my friend, Patricia Pitre.

Taken by my friend, Patricia Pitre.

This was taken in fall of 2013. It’s a Juliette et Justine dress~

People should also check out my friend’s page! She’s an artist and illustrator~


NewCon 2015

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks since my last entry and UGH! I feel bad. I’ve been very busy (but isn’t that everyone’s excuse?) because there was New Year’s. Then work. And then I had to prepare for a fashion show!

There’s a very active Lolita community in Oregon with most events in Portland because that’s where most of the members live. Also being the biggest city, there are just more things to do. One of the things to do around New Year’s is NewCon It’s a fan convention meant held on the closest weekend to New Year’s and it’s meant to celebrate all kinds of subcultures and niche interests, mostly surrounding nerd and geek things. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, costuming, video games, comic books- you name your fandom and they more than likely have something related to it. This year, it was held January 2nd to the 4th and it was its 3rd year.

Now how is this Lolita related? Well since NewCon’s first year in 2013, there has been a Lolita Fashion show that been hosted by the Portland Lolita community. I participated in the fashion this year and it was so much fun! Here are pictures of what I wore-

There was a short intermission because some of the models had a quick change and wore a 2nd outfit. Here was my 2nd dress-

Photos by Tom Good.

Here is the complete photo set, all taken by Tom Good-

It was so much fun and I was so glad I could participate for 2 years in a row! It’s a such a great experience for our community and here’s to many more NewCon Lolita fashion shows :D!

A brief history of Lolita fashion

I love Lolita fashion and subculture. And before you ask, it has nothing to do with the book. It’s a street fashion that started in Japan in the mid 90s (or arguably as early as the late 70s, early 80s) with the rise in popularity of Western Goth fashion and music in Japan. The style didn’t have a name until Japanese designers started to notice and emulate the clothes that teenagers were wearing, like many subcultures that started organically and then were packaged and resold. At the same time, rock stars and and bands started wearing frilly dresses and fancy clothes, and the style spread even more. No one knows who first started calling it “Lolita” but it’s one of those English words that the Japanese adopted to describe the growing fashion without understanding its context. They thought it sounded “cute” and appropriate to describe the look. The term was further popularized by the rock star, Mana, who started his own clothing brand in the late 90s and coined the terms “Elegant Gothic Lolita” and “Elegant Gothic Aristocrat” to describe his brand’s style, further popularizing “Lolita” to describe the look. Since then, the style has spread worldwide and Lolita fashion enthusiasts can be found almost anywhere, even outside of Japan.

For references and more information, here are some links: