Becoming a better Lolita

This week’s entry will be short. A few months ago, a long-time friend of mine sent me a picture of me in my first Lolita outfit that I wore at Sakura-Con 2005. It made me laugh so much!

My first Lolita outfit.

My first Lolita outfit.

Gosh, I look so young! I first discovered Lolita fashion in 2003. When I first left home and went to college, I got into Goth fashion. I had been into Japanese pop culture since my adolescence and there was a Japanese book store in the city I moved to. While perusing the shelves, I found a magazine called “Gothic and Lolita Bible.” I was immediately attracted to the word “Gothic” and began flipping through it. My like was forever changed! I was thinking “what are these fabulous clothes that these people are wearing?!” and thus, discovered Lolita fashion. My closet and fashion sense has never been the same.

I really wanted to dress in Lolita, but being a poor college student, I tried to put together an outfit from things I found at thrift stores and Hot Topic. And that’s where this coordinate comes from. But it’s also really great to look back and see where I started and to see where I am nowadays.

Taken by my friend, Patricia Pitre.

Taken by my friend, Patricia Pitre.

This was taken in fall of 2013. It’s a Juliette et Justine dress~

People should also check out my friend’s page! She’s an artist and illustrator~


T-shirt skirt

I like to volunteer for a few anime conventions in the Northwest and one of them is Kumoricon-

As a volunteer, you get a special staff shirt that looks different than the shirts that are sold to the attendees. After doing it for multiple years, I end up with too many staff shirts!

So I take my scissors to them! And here’s what I did.

Tee shirt skirt 02I cut the t-shirts up a while ago and I sadly didn’t take ‘before’ pictures. What I did was draft a pattern piece (yay for tracing paper!) that looked like a long trapezoid. I centered it over the design and cut away. I cut out 4 pieces and I made the pattern piece a trapezoid so the skirt would flare out while wearing. I used the hems of the shirts to also be the hem of the skirt and because not all the shirts were the same size, not all the the final pieces were the same length, which is ok because I like uneven hemmed skirts (I love handkerchief hems and hi-lo hems).

Then I stitched the 4 pieces together and added the waistband. I actually grabbed the waistband pattern and elastic instructions from Simplicity 3640.

Simplicity 3640Why reinvent the wheel when I can grab it from a pattern?

The patches were other designs that were on the shirt that I cut out and then hand-stitched to the skirt.

I’m so happy with the results. I can’t wait to wear it at the next Kumoricon!

Tee shirt skirt 03Tee shirt skirt 01