Tokidoki at Fine Art Friday

I work at an art gallery and last Friday we had not just 1, but 2 new show opening receptions. To celebrate, we had an event called Fine Art Friday. I feel really lucky to be able to work at a place in which I can dress up and wear special outfits. Here’s my outfit that I wore that night.

I love Tokidoki.

I love Tokidoki.

Fine Art Friday Jan 16, 2015 Outfit 02

Bust shot

If you couldn’t tell from the photos, I’m a huge fan of the brand tokidoki. It is my dream someday to meet Simone Legno. So imagine my happiness last November while shopping at the mall and stopping by Claire’s to find tokidoki has created Neon Star, a line exclusively for Claire’s!

And the announcement on tokidoki’s blog in November with more pictures of line products.

And after checking out those links, by them at Claire’s!

I have almost everything from the line- and I still want more! I especially love the scarf.


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