NewCon 2015

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks since my last entry and UGH! I feel bad. I’ve been very busy (but isn’t that everyone’s excuse?) because there was New Year’s. Then work. And then I had to prepare for a fashion show!

There’s a very active Lolita community in Oregon with most events in Portland because that’s where most of the members live. Also being the biggest city, there are just more things to do. One of the things to do around New Year’s is NewCon It’s a fan convention meant held on the closest weekend to New Year’s and it’s meant to celebrate all kinds of subcultures and niche interests, mostly surrounding nerd and geek things. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, costuming, video games, comic books- you name your fandom and they more than likely have something related to it. This year, it was held January 2nd to the 4th and it was its 3rd year.

Now how is this Lolita related? Well since NewCon’s first year in 2013, there has been a Lolita Fashion show that been hosted by the Portland Lolita community. I participated in the fashion this year and it was so much fun! Here are pictures of what I wore-

There was a short intermission because some of the models had a quick change and wore a 2nd outfit. Here was my 2nd dress-

Photos by Tom Good.

Here is the complete photo set, all taken by Tom Good-

It was so much fun and I was so glad I could participate for 2 years in a row! It’s a such a great experience for our community and here’s to many more NewCon Lolita fashion shows :D!


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