Halo for your lips

I always have trouble writing an intro. There are only so many ways to say “new blog post” or “today I’m talking about” or “I’m reviewing [X] today. Well, today I’m reviewing a holographic lip gloss from Pacifica in the color Halo.

Pacifica, Halo bottle 01

I like the hexagon bottle interior.

The actual product name is “Crystal Punk Holographic Mineral Lip Gloss” and it sells $10 for a 0.14 oz bottle. I bought all three colors from Target (and the other 2 colors will get their own review someday). The color Halo is like a nude-pink-gold, if that makes any sense. Also, the bottle had these really cool gem and crystal print decals all over it but it has rubbed off, probably due to the way I’m storing it.

Just like last week’s J. Cat lip gloss review, I’m skeptical because once again in the bottle, I don’t see the light-shifting of the pigments. It looks metallic. After opening it up, I do have to say I do really like the applicator.

It’s actually flat and I like how the wand flexes on the lips. It feels easy to control when putting it on. But once again, once applied, I moved my head around and didn’t see the holographic effect.

Pacifica, Halo 01

As with all my other reviews, no other lip products are on with only the bottom lip glossed with Pacifica’s Crystal Punk.

But let’s see how it looks layered.

Pacifica, Halo 02

Just the bottom lip layered over a nude-pink lipstick.

Once again, it just looks metallic either alone or layered over a lipstick. I’ve worn it a few times since purchasing it and it does tend to stay put throughout the day (of course, with the exception of eating or drinking).

I also didn’t know anything about Pacifica before purchasing this lip gloss and it’s vegan and cruelty free! And they’re headquartered in Portland, OR! And environmentally friendly!

Taste: I really like the taste and smell! It tastes sweet and a little fruity. It reminds me of a passion fruit flavored lip balm that I had when I was a child. I don’t know if that’s intentional, but that’s what it reminds me of.

Viscosity: Seems to be a good consistency. Feels good on the lips. I did noticed that in the storage container I’m keeping all my holo lip glosses in, the pigments did settle in the bottle. I threw away the packaging (this was before I had decided to review holographic lip glosses) so I don’t know what the ingredients are but they are listed on the website.


Here kitty, kitty

It’s been 2 weeks! Sorry I skipped last week.

Today, we have a lip gloss by J. Cat beauty in the color, Cinnamonster. On Ulta.com, it’s $6.99 for a 0.6 oz bottle.

J.cat, Cinnamonster bottle 01

Really leaning into that holographic thing…

I really like the packaging, maybe because it’s one of the few holographic glosses that come in external packaging, which is kinda unnecessary (but maybe J. Cat did that to be different). However, I’m noticing a problem because all the info is on the box, not the tube so if the tube is separated from the box, you’ll have a tube of mystery gloss floating about. What you see on the bottle is about all there is, except on the very top it says “3D.” Usually, I might recycle the box, but I want to know what the ingredients are, the ounce, the color, etc.

If you forget what the color name is, it does say in small letters on the back above the bar code.

J.cat, Cinnamonster bottle 02

You can also read the ingredients and where it’s made.

When I store it, I just put the tube in the box. At least there’s a cool star-shaped cutout window on the front to show off that bottle.

The applicator is pretty typical. I guess better beauty gurus call it a “doe foot,” (but then I imagine all these poor footless deer limping around). I personally don’t like this design of applicator because if this is used as a lip-topper and layered over lipstick, I feel like this applicator would just smudge the colors together and for that holographic effect, you want the gloss to sit on top of the lipstick for ultimate dimension!

J.cat, Cinnamonster bottle 03

Also has a little slant at the edge. Maybe to contour to the shape of lips better?

Another thing I noticed that out of the box, the pigments didn’t really shift or change in the tube. But let’s see what it looks like on!

J.cat, Cinnamonster 01

UGH! Sorry about the glare!

Once again, just glossing my bottom lip for comparison. A nice color but I would say more metallic. When I moved my head around, once again, didn’t see a dimensional or color-shifting effect. So let’s layer it over some lipstick.

J.cat, Cinnamonster 02

My hair looks so 80s.

I put on a nude pink lipstick because I thought it would match the copper color the best. I was worried if I picked too bold or bright of a color, it would out-bold the gloss, but it might go good layered over a gold lipstick. Once again, moving my head around, didn’t see a color-shifting, effect.

I would say J. Cat’s Cinnamonster is definitely more a metallic gloss than holographic. I see a slight color change in light, but that could also be my eyes playing tricks on me because I so very much want to see that color shift!


I also want to talk about product viscosity and taste! Or smell! I’ll edit my Sigma review later, but for the J. Cat gloss-

Taste: No taste, but smells a very small bit like sharpened pencils. That could be the mineral oil (but I’m no chemist so I’m just guessing).

Viscosity: Has a good consistency. Felt fine going on. Not sticky or slick and felt fine on my lips.

Sigma to Noise

My first holographic lip gloss review!

But first, a note about terminology. I’ve watched and read my share of videos, comments, reviews, etc. about the holographic makeup trend in the last year and there’s always that one person that says “THAT’S NOT HOLO!!!!!1111” Okay, chill. Don’t try to be the Royal Smart Person and think you’re dropping some major truth bomb by calling attention to the fact that something isn’t holographic. It’s a marketing term. True holographic requires laser, mirrors, and optical trickery to create a 3-dimensional image. That’s obviously not happening in lip gloss. A more accurate term would be iridescent (…or duo-chrome or light-shifting…) but holographic just sounds more futuristic, fun, and marketable. And WHAT!? Companies, marketers, and advertisers using inaccurate words and terms to sell things? I’ve NEVER heard of that! So let’s just get over semantics and pedantics. Also, I don’t like the word “holosexual.”


I thought I would start with the gloss that started the trend and talk about Sigma’s Lip Switch in the color “Transcend.” It cost $14 for a 0.11 oz/3g bottle. I wish I could link the lip gloss, but it’s sadly not available anymore.

Holo- Sigma, Transcend bottle 01

Looks pretty cool in the bottle

It also has a brush applicator! Which I really like because it’s easier to control the application and not mix it with your lip color since it’s meant as a lip topper.

Holo- Sigma, Transcend bottle 02.jpg

Like painting your face

And it tastes a little vanilla-ey.

When I first got the Sigma glosses, I was a little disappointed because I felt the holographic effect was too subtle. Pictures and videos I saw made the holographic color look much more extreme. But these folks also had the benefit of better lighting and Photoshop. I felt like I had to really glob it on for as extreme of an effect. Over time, I have figured out how best to wear it and I think it looks best alone. Here’s what it looks like alone. I’ve just glossed my bottom lip so you can see a comparison.

Holo-Sigma, Transcend 01.jpg

Just taken in sunlight

I’m not sure how true-to-life my phone camera is, but these photos are taken on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and I’ve used the highest resolution setting and I haven’t done any touch-ups or editing. I think it makes my lips look neon purple!

Then I put on some purple lipstick and layered on Sigma’s Transcend. Once again, just on the bottom lip.

Holo- Sigma, Transcend 02

Oh, you’re over there now

I think it looks cool, but maybe purple-on-purple isn’t the best combination because I think the effect is too subtle and maybe the color just overpowers the holographic effect. If I have time, I’ll experiment with different colors and do an update.


Taste: There isn’t a distinct taste or smell. It tastes a little like vanilla, but it’s very subtle. I kinda like the smell because once again, there’s not a specific smell, but it’s pleasant. Once again, kind of like vanilla.

Viscosity: I think it’s a little oily. It glides onto the lips very easily but it’s easy to rub off. Expect to reapply a few times throughout the day. It also had kind of a warming effect on my lips. Maybe they just felt very insulated.

Restarting my blog!

Wow! It’s been a few years! No real explanation for the absence- I just stopped doing it and felt more and more embarrassed that hadn’t made an entry for weeks…months…years. But the I was bitten by the bug again recently and I know the perfect thing to talk about!


I’m actually not that into makeup trends (or makeup in general) but I first heard about the trend about a year and half ago and became fascinated by it. I loved how iridescent it looked and how colors changed depending on the light. I can’t remember how I first heard about it but I do remember seeing a picture via Google Image Search and reading a Glamour article about it. I think this was about December of 2016.

Reading that the lip gloss was by Sigma I went right over to Sigma’s website… and they were sold out. Not a surprise for me- I’m always late to the party! But Sigma did announce on their website that it would be coming back Spring 2017 and sign up for their newsletter for the announcement, which I promptly did! In the meantime, I tried making my own and THAT WAS AN ADVENTURE IN IT’S OWN RIGHT (that I will talk about sometime in the future) and I purchased Jesse’s Girl “Glow Stix” that looked really cool while waiting ever-so-patiently for Sigma’s restock.


There were only 4 colors available instead of the initial 5 at launch but I was so excited I bought all 4! And then they arrived in the mail! And then I got to open them! And I felt…a little underwhelmed. In pictures and videos, they looked so much more pigmented and the effect so much more extreme. I felt the effect in real life was far more subtle than what the internet was saying. Ah well, I was still happy to have them.

So now flash forward a year later to March of 2018. I had some coupons for makeup and strolled into an Ulta Beauty. First time I’ve actually been in an Ulta Beauty because once again, I’m not much of a makeup person but I did need to restock a few things. While browsing, I saw a display for holographic makeup and remembered my obsession from a year ago. Hitting the internet once again (because The Internet KNOWS ALL) I found out far more brands had come out with holographic lip gloss and the obsession was reinvigorated! Before I knew it, I have a small tote case of holographic lip gloss of about 100 different tubes and about 20 different brands.

Holographic lip gloss-edited

If I had just one more color…

Thinking what I could do with all my lip products, I thought “Hey, why don’t I review them?” Because after a few hundred dollars, at least a hundred swatches, and wearing a few, I HAVE OPINIONS. Also a good excuse to restart my blog and have a creative outlet.

Not sure how consistent I will be, but I’m hoping to post once a week. And I’ll talk about other things other than lip gloss. I’ll still talk about fashion, Lolita, sewing, and other related things.

Welcome back to blogging!

Becoming a better Lolita

This week’s entry will be short. A few months ago, a long-time friend of mine sent me a picture of me in my first Lolita outfit that I wore at Sakura-Con 2005. It made me laugh so much!

My first Lolita outfit.

My first Lolita outfit.

Gosh, I look so young! I first discovered Lolita fashion in 2003. When I first left home and went to college, I got into Goth fashion. I had been into Japanese pop culture since my adolescence and there was a Japanese book store in the city I moved to. While perusing the shelves, I found a magazine called “Gothic and Lolita Bible.” I was immediately attracted to the word “Gothic” and began flipping through it. My like was forever changed! I was thinking “what are these fabulous clothes that these people are wearing?!” and thus, discovered Lolita fashion. My closet and fashion sense has never been the same.

I really wanted to dress in Lolita, but being a poor college student, I tried to put together an outfit from things I found at thrift stores and Hot Topic. And that’s where this coordinate comes from. But it’s also really great to look back and see where I started and to see where I am nowadays.

Taken by my friend, Patricia Pitre.

Taken by my friend, Patricia Pitre.

This was taken in fall of 2013. It’s a Juliette et Justine dress~ http://juliette-et-justine.com/products/detail.php?product_id=872

People should also check out my friend’s page! She’s an artist and illustrator~ http://www.rainyisle.com/

T-shirt skirt

I like to volunteer for a few anime conventions in the Northwest and one of them is Kumoricon- https://www.kumoricon.org/

As a volunteer, you get a special staff shirt that looks different than the shirts that are sold to the attendees. After doing it for multiple years, I end up with too many staff shirts!

So I take my scissors to them! And here’s what I did.

Tee shirt skirt 02I cut the t-shirts up a while ago and I sadly didn’t take ‘before’ pictures. What I did was draft a pattern piece (yay for tracing paper!) that looked like a long trapezoid. I centered it over the design and cut away. I cut out 4 pieces and I made the pattern piece a trapezoid so the skirt would flare out while wearing. I used the hems of the shirts to also be the hem of the skirt and because not all the shirts were the same size, not all the the final pieces were the same length, which is ok because I like uneven hemmed skirts (I love handkerchief hems and hi-lo hems).

Then I stitched the 4 pieces together and added the waistband. I actually grabbed the waistband pattern and elastic instructions from Simplicity 3640.

Simplicity 3640Why reinvent the wheel when I can grab it from a pattern?

The patches were other designs that were on the shirt that I cut out and then hand-stitched to the skirt.

I’m so happy with the results. I can’t wait to wear it at the next Kumoricon!

Tee shirt skirt 03Tee shirt skirt 01

Kimura U at PSU (hey, that rhymes!)

On January 17th, Kimura U came to Portland State University. Who is Kimura U? She is one of three Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed Kawaii Ambassadors who’s mission is to promote Japanese youth culture, fashion, and pop culture overseas. Here is Kimura U’s official website-


And her official Facebook page-


The Portland/Oregon Tea and Cake Society had a big meetup to meet “the most pink creator of the world” and it was an absolute joy! She was so cute and friendly!

There was first a meet and greet. She signed autographs, posed for pictures, and some people even brought her gifts. I posed for a picture with her, but I felt so derpy next to her. She was too cute!

With Kimura U 01

Then she kindly posed for a group picture.

Kimura U Group Picture 01Kimura U is also a fashion designer so there was also a fashion show. Her brand is KOKOkim. Here’s KOKOkim’s Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/KOKOkim

And then buy it here- http://www.yesstyle.com/en/kokokim-women-women/list.html/bcc.11143_bpt.299_bid.313937

The clothes are too cute! I will admit, I’m not really into pastels a super cute styles, but I certainly appreciate cute clothes and there are some things in the collection that I really want.

I apologize for the quality of my photos. There was a light at the foot of the runway that really blew out my photos. Also, I was using my cell phone camera. I’ve tried adjusting the contrast and brightness to make them a little better (so if some of them look a little odd, that’s probably why), but I don’t know if that helped much.

Kimura U Fashion Show 01 Kimura U Fashion Show 02 Kimura U Fashion Show 03 Kimura U Fashion Show 04 Kimura U Fashion Show 05 Kimura U Fashion Show 06

Kimura U Fashion Show 07

The designer herself!

Blah, my pictures suck.

On Kimura’s Facebook page, they had WAY better pictures of the models and outfits so here they are.

10358890_837455286312195_6798761063682797301_n 10924756_837108866346837_5272716359083304980_n 10929924_837457162978674_674170534929983990_n 10933768_837454516312272_8799163585828024681_n 10941029_837106589680398_7349246096489325175_nAnd a much better picture of Kimura U in her fashion show outfit.

10011397_839445559446501_5522114506187972084_nAfter the fashion show, Kimura talked about each piece and had a short interview with each of the models. Once again, sorry for the crappy quality of the photos.

Kimura U Fashion Show 08Kimura U Fashion Show 09Kimura U Fashion Show 10Kimura U Fashion Show 11Kimura U Fashion Show 12Kimura U Fashion Show 13Kimura U Fashion Show 14I really want that hoodie!

And then after the fashion show, Kimura sang! She’s so talented. She draws and drew many of the graphics and pictures that are on her clothes, is a designer, and sings!

It was such a pleasure to meet her and to see her clothes. I even bought a few things.

KOKOkim purchaseThe hoodie was sadly sold out :(. Kimura said she’d like to do more US events and I really hope to see her again in the future!